The Creative Locker is an Australian business with significant local and international experience. Extensive product and industry knowledge, combined with the passion and drive to deliver client requirements helps position The Creative Locker as a premium supplier of promotional products. Exceptional service, processes and a commitment to sustainability are core components of The Creative Locker.




By owning and operating an overseas factory with full manufacturing capabilities and extensive sourcing experience, The Creative Locker ensures quality control for all products. Full internal warehousing and logistics services are available in both Australia and China. As a direct manufacturer with a wide merchandise range The Creative Locker is able to add value to products and client relationships. A business with a high level of social compliance (including Sedex), The Creative Locker continually invests in their backend order system and internal processes to improve efficiency.


The Creative Locker’s mission involves the careful balance of professionalism and creativity. Personalised service, the development of solutions and advancement of long-term customer relationships are at the core of all business practices. Respecting the environment and stakeholders, whilst forming client relationships where value is demonstrated as a product manufacturer and creative partner are of the utmost importance. The Creative Locker strives to provide a good, fair and safe working environment for all employees and is committed to improving sustainability and being a green, modern business.


The Creative Locker is an Australian owned and operated business that has been servicing the beverage market (locally and internationally) since 2000. They are a hybrid business that specialises in beverage-related merchandise and bridges the gap between East and West through manufacturing, supply and communication.

The Creative Locker are strategically focused on evolving with the market and are dedicated to meeting organisations’ merchandise requirements.

Modern Business

The Creative Locker strives to be a modern business. Developing and improving business practises in the working environment, sustainability and client relations allows The Creative Locker to constantly adapt to current and future challenges.

Working Environment
  • Promote and encourage wellness through the wellness area, full kitchen facilities and bi-annual corporate events.
  • Provide a greener office to increase happiness and productivity. Initiatives include cleaning the air and reducing stress levels.
  • Take actions to decrease overtime in both the Australian office and overseas factory.
  • Commitment to improve day-to-day processes.
  • Adhere to the company policies document and update when beneficial.
  • Investigate and implement paperless purchase orders.
  • Change business stationery to recycled materials and/or invest in products which offer a carbon offset.
Sustainability and Community

The Creative Locker is constantly exploring and implementing ways to give back to the community, reduce plastic, reduce overtime and recycle responsibly.

Supporting community organisations such as Greening Australia is an example of one initiative The Creative Locker has implemented. Greening Australia helps tackle environmental challenges within Australia and works to restore balance to the natural environment. As an Australian owned and managed business, this relationship is particularly important; with The Creative Locker recognising the need to help save the unique Australian flora and fauna from extinction.

The Creative Locker are recycling more responsibly by continuously researching and investing in initiatives within the company head office. Examples include having both a general waste bin and cardboard recycling bin. There is a company-wide recognition of the negative environmental impacts from plastic bags (including landfill contribution and risk to marine life) and The Creative Locker has adjusted product packaging to decrease plastic usage. An example of this is products 101, 102, 103, 356 now have 40 units per 1 large poly bag (with a total 4 poly bags per carton – a significant reduction on a product range that was previously individually poly bagged). This polybag usage is expected to be further reduced or eradicated within The Creative Locker in the near future.

Product tape and stitch colour has been adjusted to the colour black only. This is a small but necessary sustainability initiative that allows less dye to be used in production (thereby reducing air pollutants), creates better efficiencies and reduces overtime.